How to become a Content writer

How to Become a Content Writer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Due to the realization of the task’s potential, article writing tasks are increasingly being outsourced to India. The US and UK, two countries that need to lower the cost of hiring employees, are potential clients for this activity. They are not only given more exposure, but India as a whole has greatly profited from this industry, which employs thousands of people.

Digital marketing has replaced conventional physical marketing in the marketplace. A new career in content authoring has emerged as a result of this evolution. India has progressively seen an upsurge in the demand for content writers, i.e. excellent scope for content writers.

Everyone in India has a unique manner of communicating their ideas. However, what distinguishes them from content writers is their style of communication, which has the ability to simultaneously inform, inspire, and amuse the audience.

The dilemma that now emerges is how to shape our ideas so that they might appeal to the audience and how to develop as a content writer. Let’s know step- by-step:

Experience or Knowledge Required

Fundamental English language proficiency and grammar from the 12th grade are must to get you started in content writing; you do not need a specific degree to launch your professional career in this field if you have a portfolio but in the case of no portfolio, BCA, BJMC, Digital Marketing courses form reputed institutions like ESS helps you to become a professional content writer.

Main purposes of content

The main goal of content writing is to use language to express one’s thoughts, convey messages, or make a point. You have to deal with audience both emotionally and rationally. There are in total; 4 main purposes of the content. These are to:

  • Educate – Here you pen contents that are educational and  informative. Your goal is to answer the questions that have been raised or may arise in one’s mind  when one will try to explore a particular topic.
  • Entertain – Here you try to engage your audience in an emotional way. In this way, you interact with their hearts to make them enjoy the topic and be persistent to our content and page.
  • Inspire – Here you add your experiences, how you overcame it, solutions to life hurdles or challenges, motivational or real life contents that deals with audience emotionally and grab their hearts to hold them there.
  • Convince – The goal of persuasive material is to persuade audiences to make the final purchase. In contrast to exciting material, this category persuades using data and speaks to your audience’s logical interests. It serves for rational interests.

Tips for content writing

Here are some tips that I believe will definitely work for you.


Whatever content you are writing it should not be copied. Although, it’s main idea or content has been discovered from other sites or top 20 articles already published, but, still it should be paraphrased in such a way that it should seem like being copied. Plagiarized content is not going to give you fruitful result. So, pen 100% original content.


Sometimes we believe that adopting exaggerated language will improve the appeal, usefulness, and audience appeal of our writing. But it’s not at all true. Diving into so much typical language will refrain your article from audience’s attention. Try to keep it easy going and casual. Pen it like you have to make a 5 year old kid to understand it. Keep the tone – Casual, Relevant, Readable and Translatable.


Before writing any content, you need to search for that particular keyword broadly. At least, read first 20 articles on Google – Analyze the topics explained and sub topics used –Pen down your own inclusive of : what you have read + Your own Perspective + Untouched points but relatable in those read articles.


Instead of so extended paragraphs, try to use Headings and Sub Headings that would give a brief idea of the point. Headings and Sub headings; if used properly and thoughtfully; then will help with SEO as well. You can get more searched keywords to add as headings and sub headings from the Google searches or you can scroll down to the bottom to get relatable searches, there you will get related keywords.

In fact there are some sites which can help you with that like, Answer the Public, Google Trends etc.


Your text should have a direct approach to the audience mind and heart. So, prefer playing with listing and picturize the solutions or the concretes of the topic. This would make your content not only more readable but also more comprehensible and attractive.


Keep your content short and crisp. Make your plots well before addressing the whole content then elaborate those plots. Do not try to use so much artistic lines in beginning and in between. Little use would work but too much will make your whole effort useless.


As per surveys, audience’s attention on Google for a site is not more than 5 secs. In those 5 sec you have to make them realize that they got what they want. And this could not be done by your so called artistic approach to reach the point. He or she should be aware of what will be covered in the following discussion, whether it is what they were looking for or something else entirely.

How to become a content writer?

After all these “Wh” Family questions have been resolved, let’s discuss “How.” Everything is ultimately useless if we do not bring action to it. Now that we are aware of what content is, how it should be created, what tactics to use, and what reasons it should serve, it is time to learn “How to Start Your Career as a Content Writer?”

Here are some tips that I would suggest to go with…


You need to build your portfolio to showcase your talent. Without samples no one is going to trust you and your work. So, just talking about your skills will not seem less than bragging to marketing personnel.

You can either choose your favorite niches and pen on it or else you can just write 10 articles on each of the trending niches like, Health, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Technology etc. Either attach link of your drive in which they are saved or publish them to own a nice portfolio.


There are 5 types of content marketing format that you are most likely to meet. They are-

  • Info graphics
  • Blog Content
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  •  Social Media

Choose the suite you want to write for and write in the tone and on the topics that are trending in that suite.

Content writer v/s Creative writer

Prior to anything else, it’s important to understand the distinction between the phrases “content writer” and “creative writer” and to determine our area of interest. Despite sounding alike, both are distinct. Let’s examine the distinction.:

  1. Content writing is based on facts, whereas, creative writing can be fictional, non- fictional or lyrical.
  2. Content writing has a target audience to focus on but creative writing has not, it’s for masses or general audience.
  3. Content writing follows IIP i.e. to be Informative, Instructional and Persuasive whereas, creative writing is a form of expressed thoughts or feelings, i.e. entertaining and captivating.
  4. Content writing is to the point, précised and clear whereas, Creative writing is figurative, symbolic & artistic.
  5. Content writing needs to follow the marketing strategies in order to get better touch in market. On the other hand, creative writing a kind of freestyle writing.
  6. Examples of Content writing: Web content, Blog Posts, Copy writing , PR etc..

Examples of Creative writing: Plays, Poetries, Novels, Autobiographies, Music lyrics, Movie scripts etc… 

Therefore, you should be clear about what you want to do with your blogs: express your opinions, thoughts, and creative ideas; or seek for and provide information on a variety of themes.


As this is the world moving towards digitalization, content writers are one of the most desired collaborators for any influencer and company.

If you are having your portfolio then you can now try to approach bloggers, agencies and companies for collaboration. It can be done either through social media like through Instagram, FaceBook or LinkedIn or you can approach them personally through mails or any other mode.


There are many sites like,, and many more. Just register yourself there and keep your per hour rates low to win the bid and kick start your work.


I would advice to share or publish your writings on platforms with potential audience like on LinkedIn,, or can be your own blog page or if videos than it can be published as reels on your instagram or You Tube Channel. If your content is for audios like for podcasts then you can publish it on Anchor, Buzzsprout, Google Podcasts etc..

These will not only make you better every day but also a known writer day-by-day.


In beginning, eliminate the thoughts of getting higher pay. Keep in mind, that if you want more gigs than you have to have more skills and have to satisfy your client with your content quality and perfection.

So initially, put more of an emphasis on skill development than on money. Your earning will instantly increase as soon as you start improving in terms of knowledge and perfection.


Be patient. As it will take time to reach perfection and make you earn more gigs and a name or brand as a famous content writer.

Just Practice, Practice and Practice. More the Practice, More will be the Perfection.

Scope for Content Writers in India

  • Film and Entertainment Industry
  • Media Industry
  • Public Relation Industries
  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Market Industry
  • IT Industry
  • For Social Media Influencers on Personal Basis
  • Medical Industry
  • Educational Industry

Content Writing is just an aspect of Digital Marketing that has emerged as one of those areas of marketing that can give jobs to skilled people in huge numbers with some basic portfolio and knowledge of Digital Marketing. Even this service will provide you with a variety of opportunities to investigate various trends and themes, learn about world events, and continue learning with each new piece.

You can also become a content writer who is freelancing and making money in good numbers by just having a good knowledge of Content and online marketing. To enroll in Best Digital Marketing Course, Contact the top Digital Marketing institute in Delhi, ESS Institute Dwarka Mor now

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