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12-Months Course Duration
1000+ Learners Trained
Guaranteed Placement
Guaranteed Certification
12-Months Course Duration
5000+ Learners Trained
Guaranteed Placement
Guaranteed Certification

Course Curriculum

  • MS-WORD- Microsoft Word or MS Word is a graphical word processing program that users can type with. It is made by the computer company Microsoft.
  • MS-EXCEL-MS Excel is a commonly used Microsoft Office application. It is a spreadsheet program that is used to save and analyze numerical data.
  • MS-POWER POINT-PowerPoint is presentation software that enables users to create engaging presentations that consist of individual pages, or slides, which may contain text, graphics, sound, movies, hyperlinks, and other objects.

Advanced Excel is all about mastery over formulas, VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming, and other Excel features for handling complex tasks. Experts can use Excel for more advanced purposes like data analytics and simulation.

  1. Introduction of Excel
  2. Formats of cells
  3. Conditional formatting with rules and colors
  4. Working with cells
  5. Protection excel data
  6. Working with chart
  7. Formulae
  • Sum of entire cells, particular cells
  • Subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Average formula, rank
  • Conditional formulae
  • Mark sheet creation
  • Payroll sheet creation
  • Countif and sumif
  • Countifs and sumifs with multiple conditions
  • Lookup, vlookup and hlookup formulas
  • Fixing of formulae
  • Pmt (per month installment  calculation)
  • Simple interest calculation
  • Running total
  • Text formula
  • Concatenate formula
  • Round formulae
    8. Worksheets

    9. Bills creation with GST
    10. Attendance sheet format


1. Introduction of Tally

2. Basics of Accounting

3. Formation of company

4. Masters of tally

  • Accounts info 
  • Single and multiple ledgers
  • Alteration of ledgers
  • Deletion of ledgers
  • Groups of Tally
  • Inventory details
  • Stock groups, categories and stock items

5. Vouchers entries 

  • Company features details
  • Payment, receipt, journal and contra 
  • Voucher mode and invoice mode
  • Sale and purchase invoices
  • Debit and credit notes details 
  • Order processing
  • Purchase and sales order processing
  • Purchase and sales challan
  • Rejections
  • Invoicing 
  • Returns and payments/receipts
  • Modes of discounts

6. Manufacturing of goods

  • Purchasing of goods
  • Bills of material 
  • Voucher creations 
  • Manufacturing details 

7. Payroll maintenance

  • Employees group, categories
  • Employees details
  • Units 
  • Attendance heads
  • Pay heads
  • Attendance of employees 
  • Payroll voucher details

8. Analysis of data

  • Balance sheet 
  • Profit and loss and trial balance
  • Stock details and summary
  • Day book
  • Outstanding’s and payables analysis
  •  Godown management

9. Taxation

  • Vat: payable, refundable and multi vat
  • CST
  • Service tax

10. GST (goods and services tax)

  • Introduction of GST
  • Establishment of tally
  • Components of tally
  • Dealers of market
  • Rules and rates of GST
  • Benefits of GST
  • Statutory and taxation 
  • Goods and services treatment in tally
  • Inter state
  • Intra state
  • Multi GST
  • GST with discounts
  • GSTIN details
  • Printing of invoicing
  • Analysis of GST
  • Computation of GST
  • Payment  transaction of GST

11. TDS

12. Practical problems of tally 

13. Worksheets

  • Post-dated voucher entry
  • Interest calculation
  • Job costing 
  • Cost centers
  • Price level/ multiple price level
  • Sale of assets with depreciation
  • Zero / actual valued
  • Bills transection in voucher mode
  • Export & import
  • Company backup/ restore
  • Logo
  • Multi-Currency
  • Invoice printing
  • Cheque printing 

Get Certified and Grow your career

You will receive a certificate from ESS Institute for completing Graphic Designing course that will help you find the most relevant jobs like… 

Account Executive, Tally Operator, Administrator executive, Excel/MIS Executive.

ESS Computer Institute E-Accounting Certificate

Skills you will learn

Standards of accounting, Knowledge of regulatory standards, General business knowledge,  Software proficiency, Data analysis.

Job Opportunities

Account Executive, Tally Operator, Administrator executive, Excel/MIS Executive, Inventory , Clerk Tax Consultant, Banking Clerk, Accountant, Senior Accountant, Account Manager

Course For

Freshers, Students, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs 

Minimum Eligibility

Candidates should beat least 17 years of age and should have passed Class X from any recognized board.

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