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ESS Institute is providing a Complete Tally Course in Delhi. Tally with complete GST knowledge covering all the features and Hacks of Tally that helps our candidates to stand from the crowd and get high paying jobs! This course will take you from zero to hero by teaching you everything about Tally with Advance GST & Tally Prime, including how to use the advanced features of Tally Erp 9 and its powerful reports feature.

3-Months Course Duration

1000+ Learners Trained

Guaranteed Placement

Guaranteed Certification

3-Months Course Duration
1000+ Learners Trained
Guaranteed Placement
Guaranteed Certification

Course Curriculum

  • What is tally?
  • full form of ERP and meaning
  • Versions of tally
  • Benefits of tally
  • Merits and demerits of tally
  • Difference between education mode and license mode of tally
  • What is accounting
  • Functions of accounting
  •  Basic terms of accounting
  • Golden rules of accounting
  • Principles and concepts
  • Meaning of accounts only and accounts with inventory
  • Knowledge about expenses and incomes
  • Additional terms of accounts
  • Financial statement of accounts
  • Trial balances
  • Journal entries
  • Compound journal entries
  • Creation of company in tally
  • Deletion of company 
  • Alteration of company details
  • Privacy and protection in tally 
  • Selection of company
  • Shut/close the company
  • Accounts info 
  • Single and multiple ledgers
  • Alteration of ledgers
  • Deletion of ledgers
  • Groups of Tally
  • Inventory details
  • Stock groups, categories and stock items
  • Units and alternatives units 
  • locations
  • Company features details
  • Payment, receipt, journal and contra 
  • Voucher mode and invoice mode
  • Sale and purchase invoices
  • Debit and credit notes details 
  • Order processing 
    1. Purchase and sales order processing
    2. Purchase and sales challan
    3. Rejections
    4. Invoicing 
    5. Returns and payments/receipts
  • Modes of discounts
  • Purchasing of goods
  • Bills of material 
  • Voucher creations 
  • Manufacturing details 
  • Employees group, categories
  • Employees details
  • Units 
  • Attendance heads
  • Pay heads
  • Attendance of employees 
  • Payroll voucher details
  • Balance sheet 
  • Profit and loss and trial balance
  • Stock details and summary
  • Day book
  • Outstanding’s and payables analysis
  •  Godown management
  • Vat: payable, refundable and multi vat
  • CST
  • Service tax
  • Introduction of GST
  • Establishment of tally
  • Components of tally
  • Dealers of market
  • Rules and rates of GST
  • Benefits of GST
  • Statutory and taxation 
  • Goods and services treatment in tally
  • Inter state
  • Intra state
  • Multi GST
  • GST with discounts
  • GSTIN details
  • Printing of invoicing
  • Analysis of GST
  • Computation of GST
  • Payment  transaction of GST
11. TDS
12. Practical problems of tally 
13. Worksheets
MERN Stack development

MERN Stack Development: This well-liked open-source technology stack makes it possible to develop dynamic websites that are scalable, reliable, and effective. What is MERN stack? How does it function? How are these apps organized on the contemporary internet? How everything functions internally and how they are hosted. We’ll pay close attention and comprehend everything!

This course aims to give you the complete knowledge and practical skills what you need to design robust and scalable web applications, regardless of your level of experience Whether you’re a developer with experience hoping to upgrade your skills or someone just attempting to get started.

Tools and Technologies covered

MERN Stack


express js

Express JS

react js

React JS

node js

Node JS

Get Certified and Grow your career

You will receive a certificate from ESS Institute for completing Tally Prime Course that will help you find the most relevant jobs like… 

Tally, Accounting, Cash Handling, Billing, Taxation, Auditing

Skills you will learn

Tally, Accounting, Cash Handling, Billing, Taxation, Auditing

Job Opportunities

Accounts executive, Junior accountant, Data entry operator, Accounts assistant, Tally operator, Accountant trainee

Course For

Freshers, Students 

Minimum Eligibility

Candidates should beat least 17 years of ageand should have passedClass X from anyrecognized board.

Enroll Now


Frequently Asked Questions

Look at the most common frequently asked questions of students in 2023-24

It is imperative that before learning the MERN stack, one has a basic understanding of web development. You must therefore have knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript before you can begin learning MERN Stack. Gaining these skill sets will help you learn MERN Stack more quickly as you work your way through its complexities. But if you are a beginner, it won’t be a big issue to get all these things. Your basics will be all cleared with in the course itself.

MERN Stack outperforms rival Stacks in Ul rendering and performance, is still fully open-source, and only requires JavaScript as its programming language. The JavaScript library/framework used by MERN Stack is React.js, as opposed to Angular.js, which is the only distinction between it and MEAN Stack. Therefore, the differences in Ul rendering and performance are found in the framework and library. Although the Angular.js framework and the React.js library are more recent, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Additionally, Angular.js has a steeper learning curve than React.js, according to some programmers.

MERN Stack is a highly sought-after skill because creating modern web pages and applications is critical for almost every business, large or small. The technologies in this stack are the current industry leaders for dynamic and responsive JavaScript programming. If you’ve worked with other web stacks, learning MERN could be just what you need to advance your career. MERN is a great option if you’re learning web stacks for the first time because of its wide range of applications. MERN Stack developers frequently benefit from high beginning pay, remote work options, and chances for continued professional growth.

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