How to start a career as a graphic designer in India

How to start a career as a graphic designer in India?

Graphic designers work in a variety of fascinating industries and employ a wide range of abilities and equipment. Creative people are more interested in pursuing a career in fields like that of a graphic design. If you consider yourself as one of those creative, artistically gifted, and tech savvy candidates. Your decision to choose this career path may be influenced by learning more about it. In this article, top Graphic designing trainers from the best Graphic design institute in Delhi will guide you to look at all the aspects of graphic designing as a career and will focus on steps to become a graphic designer. Additionally, you will get to know about their responsibilities, how much money they make, and what abilities and credentials they need to do so.

Roles and Key Responsibilities of Graphic Designer in India?

Using specialized software and equipment, graphic designers produce visual material. All industries that use visual design can employ graphic designers. For marketing, advertising, software and application development, education & ed-tech or even entertainment, graphic designers are a necessity in every sector of business. They produce a variety of stuff, including layouts, video transitions, visual effects, posters, and logos. A graphic designer’s roles and responsibilities include some of the following:

  • Proper Research and information gathering that helps in creating relevant designs
  • Conceptualize new designs
  • Brainstorm for ideas, posts, trends with design, content & media team members like all the editors, creative directors, social media strategists, copywriters and photographers
  • Pitch-in with ideas and present draft sketches to key persons
  • Work on the best-suited fonts, color schemes and all the latest design elements that can go with companies’ media
  • Typeset the copies and arranging images to make them ready for publication
  • Edit and evaluate designs, prototypes and drafts before submission
  • Maintain and upgrade all the licensed tools and applications for producing high quality output
  • Learn new tools, applications, software and technologies that contribute in visual design
  • Stay updated trending concepts and capable of providing designs that have the potential to do well in a market

Must have skills for a graphic designer

Basic design abilities are crucial for a graphic designer. You have two options for refining your talent: either practise regularly or receive official instruction. Graphic designers also benefit from having illustration talents and a natural flair for visual design. They frequently have experience with design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw because the majority of their work is done on digital platforms and applications. Other practical instruments to learn are these:

Must know software skills for a graphic designer
Graphic designing software
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Sketchup
  • Blender
  • Procreate
  • Proofhub
  • Figma

You can also think about getting acquainted with the actual equipment and platforms needed for the craft. This comprises printers, calibrators, display systems, tablets, styluses, and pens. It may be useful to have a basic understanding of the post-processing, color codes & correction, and printing techniques used in digital photography. You will also benefit from becoming familiar with digital libraries, cloud storage, and other internet resources.

What qualifications do you need to be a graphic designer in India?

You may need one of the following credentials in addition to digital and physical illustration abilities to start a career as graphic designer:

  • Bachelor of Design in graphic design
  • Bachelor of Computer Application
  • Bachelor in Technology
  • Certifications in Graphic design
  • Bachelor of Arts in graphic design
  • Bachelor of Science in graphic design
  • Master of Design in graphic design

Another option is to pursue:

  • Certificate courses in graphic design
  • Diploma in graphic design
  • Postgraduate diploma in graphic design

There are numerous design schools and online resources that provide graphic design certificate programs. ESS being one of the Best Graphic Design institute in Delhi allows students to learn and practice on real-world projects like web applications, social media creatives and other industrial projects. The certification in Graphic design from ESS institute in Dwarka is worldwide recognized

An advantage is receiving certification from reputable organisations like ESS is that the companies value your credentials and skills with a though that you possess all the required knowledge in the field. For the applications you use, for instance, you can think about seeking Adobe certifications. These credentials provide you a competitive edge and demonstrate your degree of proficiency with a particular graphic design tool.

Career for graphic designers in India

To begin a career in graphic design, pick one or more of the following options:

Start with learning graphics design software

Start honing your talents as soon as you decide graphic design is what you want to do for a living. Online resources and tutorials are widely available. Study tools and software that can improve your ability to create. It is useful to comprehend the range and common uses of each design tool or piece of software. Self-education can give you valuable insights for skill improvement and portfolio building while also assisting you in understanding the complexities of graphic design.

Pursuing internship in Graphic Designing

Many colleges offer internship opportunities in some great organizations, institutions or studios, If getting a chance, you should pursue such opportunities. Quality organizations give exposures to their workflows and latest software, tools and applications, which generally is not possible at your colleges. Your designs and work from internship adds value to your portfolio. An impressive portfolio along with a resume adds a great value to your profile and chances of getting hired by a good company increases as it market yourself.

Start freelancing as a Graphics Designer

Not all design software and tools are expensive. You must have hands on some of the latest graphic design software or applications which are available in affordable prices to start getting freelance projects. Master your skills on the tools like Canva, Sketchup, Figma or illustrator regularly so that you will be able to deliver quality content as per client’s requirements. Initially you can work for free for some of your known people just to start off and start using online freelancing platforms like Fever, freelancer etc. to find paid work and upload some of your designs as samples and testimonials to improve your chances of getting work from your online presence. The best part of being a graphic design freelancer is the accessibility to work from anywhere in the world.

To obtain relevant exposure and experience, you can also work with local entrepreneurs and small enterprises. As time goes on, you can be acknowledged for your efforts and given more commissions. You might also think about assisting friends or family members with any minor design needs they may have in your spare time.

Building a portfolio or website

A Graphic designer’s portfolio increases the chances of converting any potential user to become your client by 82% as it is a collection of what you have done, Its like a experience letter for a graphic designer. Your portfolio may include collection of social media creatives, illustrations, logos, photographs or any professional design work. A website with your designs as your portfolio is a very good idea that also helps in generating some revenue from your work either by selling them or showcasing them.

Can I learn graphic design at my own?

With dedication, perseverance, and constant practice, you can learn graphic design on your own. Professionals can receive training from a variety of online tools and platforms to work in many design disciplines. The largest video tutorial video libraries for any tool, talent, or creative field are found on youtube and Vimeo.

Additionally, you can become acquainted with the fundamentals of design and how to employ colour, images, typography, and composition in your work. The majority of Adobe Creative Cloud software applications provide online training resources. You can take certification classes to learn graphic design at your own pace on websites like Skillshare and Udemy.

How to become a graphic designer in India?

Follow these steps to become a graphic designer

Complete higher secondary education

You can study any stream of topics in 10+2 because design institutions simply demand a higher secondary school diploma. You may be more equipped to succeed on design aptitude tests and entrance exams if you have studied fine art or design in school. Additionally, you can think about creating a student portfolio and participating in artistic endeavours at the educational level.

Pursue formal education

Pursuing an undergraduate degree in graphic design to master the skills and knowledge required works really well for students who know their interests. A huge list of reputed colleges offer such courses as a degree program. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. National Institute of Design: NID DAT (Design Aptitude Test)
  2. Industrial Design Centre, IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Bombay CEED  (Common Entrance Examination for Design)
  3. Indian Institute of Art and Design: IIAD Entrance Exam
  4. National Institute of Fashion Technology: NIFT Entrance Examination
  5. Symbiosis Institute of Design: Symbiosis Entrance Exam for Design

Build a portfolio

When applying, the majority of prestigious design schools need you to provide your portfolio. After reviewing your portfolio, a committee assigns ratings based on criteria like skill, experience, and potential. Your portfolio can contain all of your previous work, including projects you accomplished for school, internships, paid work, or personal projects.

Make an effort to prioritise quality over quantity when creating your portfolio. Only choose the work samples that best showcase your design skills, perhaps. Flyers, posters, websites, logos, and other examples of graphic design work can be included.

Apply for jobs

Sign up with popular job search engines and look for openings. Create a resume that includes precise information about your education, experience, certifications, and references, if any. Consider bringing a hard copy of your portfolio with you to share if a hiring manager asks you to an interview.

Is it hard to become a graphic designer?

It might be simple for you to become a graphic designer if you have a mix of creative abilities, a flair for design, and not many prerequisites. Your knowledge, experience, and skills will prevail above your official academic credentials, just like in any other design field. To stand out from your competitors in the highly competitive profession of graphic design, you might need to seek specializations or acquire specialized skill sets.

How much do graphic designers make?

A graphic designer makes an average base pay of $2,43,500. With knowledge, experience, and professional credentials, this amount may increase. Senior graphic designers make an average base pay of $2,88,400.

5 reasons to choose a career as graphic design

You have the chance to make difference

Being a graphic designer allows you to engage in fulfilling work that genuinely changes the world. You may work on socially significant government advertising initiatives that nudge people to donate blood or get the flu shot.

Or perhaps you’ll promote nearby companies’ goods, assisting small business owners in opening up new markets. In any event, graphic design is an occupation that looks outward and allows you to observe observable outcomes in the real world.

Work from anywhere in the world

Graphic designers no longer have to limit themselves to working with solely physical mediums. A graphic designer may get by these days with just a laptop, a sketchbook, and a good understanding of Photoshop software. You’ll have unrestricted flexibility to travel the globe because you won’t be confined to a desk or workplace.

Remote working is growing in acceptance among companies in this more digital era. You can take use of this to work while you travel or to open a business wherever you like.

You get to be your own boss

Graphic designers will always be in demand in a visual and digital environment. You are a significant asset to any corporation since you can manipulate images, the very medium through which businesses communicate. There are always stable employment available for designers wishing to settle down, but more graphic designers are now choosing to work independently, giving them complete choice over their working schedule.

Designers are even starting their own design firms in some circumstances. By expanding your clientele, you can transform your design work into a business and create your own line of items, such as advertising campaigns and newly created fonts. The world is your oyster if you work in graphic design.

Varied opportunities

Every business and industry requires graphic designers to tell their narrative because the world is largely visual. You might work for large, well-known companies like Apple, Google, or Adidas rely on graphic designers to engage their audience and provide the money streams required for their outreach initiatives. You can work for the government on public relations initiatives that motivate people to cast ballots or comprehend bureaucratic processes like taxation and immigration. Many of the biggest companies in the world have their own in-house team of designers, and they are constantly looking for fresh, imaginative talent.

With a background in graphic design, you may fill a variety of tasks and speak a universal language. You can lead advertising campaigns for the largest agencies by improving your marketing skills, or you could design apps by learning how to code. Graphic designers never run out of fresh prospects because design is at the core of so many professions.

Say no to boring feelings

No two days at work are ever the same for graphic designers. Graphic designers that work with visual media combine a variety of components, such as typography, abstract graphics, colour, and logos. There are so many different creative options for each campaign.

Additionally, creativity is beneficial to your general health. It has been proven that being creative can lower stress and anxiety levels and even strengthen your immune system. Your physical and mental health might greatly benefit from turning your love for graphic design into a career.

Additionally, graphic designers who prefer to work independently have more creative freedom in selecting their projects. You may work with a large corporation on building long-term branding strategy one day while spending the following day creating social media posts for an indie company. Work will never feel like a chore if you collaborate creatively with a range of clients.


It’s a common misconception, yet it’s true: You may truly like your work. Visual, digital, and virtual worlds are theirs to explore as graphic designers interact with their audience to convey key ideas. Graphic designers are ideally situated to take advantage of this trend as the world gets more virtual and are able to work from any location. In practically every business in the world, freelance designers have the freedom to choose their own clientele and work schedule.

And if you feel confused about the next steps to pursue graphic designing as a career and from where you should learn graphic designing either online or through offline mode then ESS Institute, one of the top graphic designing Institute in Delhi, located in Dwarka will help you with the best graphic designing courses and certifications. Give us a call now

A career in graphic design offers a wealth of possibilities. Create a life that suits your needs.

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