Board exams 2022: How to score good marks in board exams

Board exams 2022: How to score good marks in board exams

Board exams 2022: How to score well in board exams

1. Prepare effectively with a study plan

The first and foremost thing a student should do is to plan how and what to study. A study plan not only ensures effective preparation but also motivates students towards achieving their target score.

Besides, they should set realistic and achievable goals. It will not only help them in focusing better but also motivate them to study, thereby giving them a sense of achievement and boosting their confidence level.

2. Start with high-weightage chapters and important topics

With a little time to go, the focus should be on revising chapters with high weightage and important topics. Being well-versed with these chapters will help students to score more in boards.


If there are any doubts, they should reach out to their teachers and ensure all their doubts are clarified much in advance. While preparing, they can categorise the chapters as difficult, moderate and easy and accordingly divide their time.

More time should be given to chapters that are tough and need more revision and practice.

3. Work on improving speed and accuracy

Along with a student’s understanding and knowledge of the chapter, his/her speed and accuracy with which he/she answers a question or solves it makes a difference.

The best way to improve speed and accuracy is by setting a timer every time a student practices a question or takes a mock test.

Students should solve as many mock tests as possible in a timed manner to improve their writing speed and accuracy.

4. Develop good time management skills

Good time management skills help students to achieve more in less time, thereby allowing time for recreational activities.

To develop good time management skills, students should strictly follow the study plan, achieve the set goals, and avoid procrastination.

Additionally, they should solve more and more mock tests. This will help them strategize how much time should be spent on a particular question or section, etc., and allow enough time for revision.

5. Solve CBSE Sample Papers:

CBSE Sample papers are released by the board for all subjects for classes 10 and 12 a few months before the commencement of board exams. Teachers suggest that practicing with the CBSE sample papers are perfect to start your exam preparations. They also ask the students to go through the marking schemes released by the board to understand how their answers would be evaluated in board exams.

6. Throw away the exam fear and just relax

Fear, anxiety and stress will only hamper your preparations and ultimately affect your performance in board exams. So, instead of taking tension, start preparing for the exam with a relaxed mind. You just need to put in the best efforts , the result will automatically come out to be the best.

7. Take regular breaks to enjoy yourself

Avoid studying for long hours continuously. Instead, take regular intervals every 50-60 minutes. These intervals are important to relax your brain and retrieve your energy to get ready for the next study session. They help to keep your brain focused and alert.

Main points to be noted

A few important preparation tips to secure 90% in CBSE board exams are given below:

  1. Try having a Regular revision and written test of what you studied during the weekdays.
    2. Make sticky notes of things that are difficult to remember.
    3. Make time for difficult subjects.
    4. You can identify two subjects that you find the most difficult. You can dedicate one hour daily to those subjects.
    5. Avoid listening to music, watching television, text messaging or surfing the internet while studying.
    6. Do not study past 11 – 11:30 P.M.
    7. Practice sample papers / previous year papers to understand the pattern, test your preparation and identify your weak areas.
    8. Keep yourself calm, positive and confident.

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