Best Tally Shortcuts that you should use to save time

Tally Prime: What Is It?

The business accounting programme Tally Prime was created by the multinational Indian corporation Tally Solutions Private Limited. It is the most recent version of Tally, a programme used for accounting, payroll, banking, and tax purposes as well as inventory management and accounting. Tally Prime is intended to make complicated accounting activities simple and to assist companies in effectively managing their financial records and transactions.

Invoicing, purchase order management, GST compliance, multi-currency support, budgeting and forecasting, among other features and functions, are all available with Tally Prime. Small, medium-sized, and big businesses in a range of sectors, including manufacturing, commerce, retail, and services, utilise it. Tally Prime can be tailored to a business’s unique requirements and is available in a variety of languages.

There are a few tips and tactics to keep in mind when using Tally Prime to help you operate more quickly and efficiently. In order to make your experience with Tally Prime easier, we have included a few of them:

Go To Feature

You can instantly reach any report or Tally Prime feature you wish to utilise by using the Go To option in the top menu. Every screen accessed using Go To will open on the top of your current screen, and dismissing the screen will return you to the previous screen.

Pressing Ctrl+G while working anywhere can instantly do this.

For example: If you want to quickly view your Balance Sheet while dealing with vouchers, simply press Ctrl+G and choose Balance Sheet to appear. If you then hit escape, you will return to the previous voucher you were working on. This saves you both time and effort.

Switch To Feature

If you need to check the Day Book or make a Voucher using the Gateway of Tally choices, you will need to press Esc four times to get to the Gateway of Tally. Finally, select Day Book or Vouchers > Create.

Alternatively, use Ctrl+G and then select Day Book or vouchers to swap your screen. When you use the Escape key, you will be sent to the Gateway of Tally rather than the page you were previously working on.

Altering the Ledger

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Ledgers > Alter > Press Alt+D (if you want to delete the voucher). This is the casual way to alter ledger in Tally Prime. Isn’t it too long to carry on.

Alternatively, while working in vouchers, just press Ctrl+Enter while maintaining the pointer over the ledger you want to alter and then alter the ledger. To remove the ledger, hit the Alt+ D key.

Hiding the Entry in Day Book

There is always a chance that you could need to hide any of your Day Book entries for any important purpose at some point. It only takes 2 steps to complete this:

Step1: Choose the vouchers or entries you wish to hide.

Step2: Press Ctrl+R.

Selected Entries will instantly disappear.To Unhide:

After choosing the entries you wish to make visible again, Press Ctrl+U.

Selecting all Entries of the Day Book

Rather than holding the Shift and Arrow keys for an extended period of time, you can use Ctrl+Space to select and deselect all of the entries in the Day Book in one go.

Jump Straight to the Day Book’s End or Start

Use Ctrl + End and Ctrl + Home to go directly to the end and the beginning of the day book, respectively, instead of repeatedly clicking Enter.

Detailed Day Book

It can be hard to get a thorough understanding of the entries displayed in a Day Book. But, we can access this by just pressing Alt+F1. This will show you a thorough Day Book.

Tally Vault Password Recovery

Using Ctrl+Alt+R will open the Tally.exe programme, which will allow you to reset your TallyVault password if you’ve lost it. You can then input your email address to access the retrieval password at the recovery page after doing this.

Stock Summary

The Closing Balances of each item in the specified category are listed in the Stock Category Summary. Gateway to Tally > Display More Reports > Inventory Books > Stock Category Summary. Instead, use Alt+G (Go To) > type Stock Category Summary or choose it, then press Enter.

Some Predefined Instant Shortcut Keys

For Vouchers:

Shortcut KeysFunctionLocation in TallyPrime
F4To add Contra EntryF10 > Accounting Vouchers
F5To enter Payment EntryF10 > Accounting Vouchers
F6To open Receipt VoucherF10 > Accounting Vouchers
F7To open Journal VoucherF10 > Accounting Vouchers
CTRL+F7Open Physical StockF10 > Inventory Vouchers
F8Open Sales VoucherF10 > Accounting Vouchers
CTRL+F8To Open Sales OrderF10 > Order Vouchers
F9Open Purchase VoucherF10 > Accounting Vouchers
CTRL+F9To Open Purchase Order10 > Order Vouchers
Alt+F6Tally Shortcut for Credit NoteF10 > Accounting Vouchers
ALT+F5Tally Shortcut for Debit NoteF10 > Accounting Vouchers
Ctrl+F4To Open Payroll VoucherF10 > Payroll Vouchers
Ctrl+F6Open Rejection In voucherF10 > Inventory Vouchers
Ctrl+F5Open Rejection Out voucherF10 > Inventory Vouchers

Across Tally prime:

Shortcut KeysFunctionLocation in TallyPrime
ESCUsed to exit screen or revert to the previous screen after closing the current open screen

Removes inputs that are provided or selected for a field
CTRL+ALT+RRepair Company (in case of data retrieval or repairing any company data)N/A
ALT+F4This is the shortcut key to quit from TallyPrimeN/A
CTRL+ALT+BTo view the Build InformationN/A
CTRL+ATo save or accept a screen N/AN/A
ALT+EnterTo expand or collapse a group in a table N/AN/A
CTRL+EndMoves cursor to the last field or last lineN/A
CTRL+HomeTo move to the first line or first field N/AN/A
CTRL+NTo hide or open calculator panelN/A
ALT+MThis tally shortcut key opens the email menu: sending transactions, reports or current voucherTop Menu
ALT+KOpen Company top menuTop Menu
ALT+YTo open the list of actions that are applicable to maN/Age the data of the companyTop Menu
ALT+ZTallyPrime shortcut key to Exchange Company Data. Provides options for data synchronisationTop Menu
ALT+GOpens a report and creates masters and vouchers in the flow of workTop Menu
ALT+OTo open the Import menu: importing masters, transactions, and bank statementsTop Menu
ALT+ETo open Export menu: exporting masters, reports, transactions or current voucherTop Menu
ALT+ZZoom-to-zoom-in while on print preview (for vouchers and reports) Top MenuTop Menu
F1To open Help menu Top MenuTop Menu
F11Opens the Company Features screen – Top MenuTop Menu
CTRL+PPrint: To print current report or voucher Top MenuTop Menu
CTRL+GTo switch to a different report, and create vouchers and masters-Top menuTop Menu
CTRL+F1To open TallyHelp (based on the context of the screen that is displayed) Top MenuTop Menu
CTRL+WTo select data entry language applicable to all screens Top MenuTop Menu
F2To change the date of voucher entry or to change period for reports Right ButtonRight Button
F3Change Company: Switches to another company from the list of open companies Right buttonRight Button
F12ConfigurationRight Button
CTRL+F3To shut the currently loaded companies Right ButtonRight Button
ALT+F3Selects or opens other company present in the same folder or any other data pathRight Button
ALT+F2To change the system period for reports Right ButtonRight Button
CTRL+QExit the screen or the application Bottom BarBottom Bar

The Wrap Up

In conclusion, knowing how to use Tally can be a useful skill for handling money in a range of businesses. With practise and commitment, even novices can become adept with the programme. The shortcuts described above can assist you in completing your chores quickly and accurately. If you are looking to learn Tally, ESS institute, Dwarka is one of the top Tally Institute in Delhi. You can join and learn offline as well as online tally course at Rs. 1

So let’s explore and learn.

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