ESS Institute

  • Set up new projects
  • Create structural elements such as columns, foundations, beams, beam systems, and structural floors
  • Draw floors, walls, curtain walls, roofs, stairs, railings, doors, windows, and ceilings
  • Select, modify, copy, and group elements
  • Use and assign object styles, view styles, filters, and linework
  • Understand and distinguish between loadable, system, and model in-place families
  • Insert BIM Objects
  • Use and create new materials
  • Create architectural floors
  • Create a family profile for a cornice
  • Add lighting, electrical, and mechanical components
  • Annotate and dimension views
  • Tag elements
  • Add rooms, room tags, and color fill legends
  • Create detail views
  • Create section views and BOQs
  • Create and print sheets
  • Export to Excel, AutoCAD, and 3DS Max

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Date : 10 Sep 2020