ESS Institute

  • Introduction to Online Paid Advertising – Google
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research using Keyword Planner Tool – target keyword analysis, keywords grouping
  • Importance of Broad Match, Modified Broad Match, Exact Match, Phrase Match, Negative Match keywords and how they work
  • Google Search Network – getting started with Google PPC, account structure overview
  • Managing Multiple Client Accounts – My Client Center (MCC) hierarchy, MCC Account setup
  • Campaign Setup for Google Search Network
  • AdWords Ad Formats & Best Practices – text ads, mobile ads
  • Writing Compelling Ad Copies – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Customer Targeting – AdWords targeting & best practices
  • AdWords Bidding Setup & Budget Optimisation
  • Ad Extensions – Sitelinks, Location, Call, App, Callout & Review extensions
  • AdWords Policies & Quality Issues
  • AdWords Performance Monitoring and Fine Tuning – conversion code integration, advance campaign analysis and best practices
  • Website & Landing page Optimisation
  • Advance Campaign Optimization Tips & Best Practices
  • Display Advertising Overview
  • Display campaign setup
  • Image ads – creation of banners using Display Builders
  • Introduction to Display Planner tool
  • Managed placements
  • Remarketing concepts
  • Introduction to Traffic Analysis Tools – analytics code integration, goal setup and traffic stats analysis
  • AdWords Reports – generating various reports for clients and to analyze campaign performance
  • Overview of Application Program Interface (API)
  • Overview of AdWords Tools and Usage – Ad Diagnosis tool, Change History tool, Conversion code integration
  • Campaign Management through AdWords Editor
  • AdWords Billing & Payments

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Date : 10 Sep 2020